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Wir nicht vergessen. Lassen Sie nichts vergessen werden.

I started this journal as a way to learn more, or just to record thoughts and research about a rather mysterious woman.
For just over a year now, Inga Ley has fascinated me to no end.

It began when not one, but 3 people on separate occasions, told me I had an uncanny resemblance to her.
At the time, I had no clue who she was, but these comparisons peaked my I typed her into Google.

Inga Ley allegedly left this world in 1942, but her image remains in a few smokey photographs, and a snippet of early color film footage.
Sometimes her name is spelled "Inge", and information on her is scarce but for the story of her sad end.
There aren't many photos of Inga, but the ones I have found thus far just add to the mystery.
A tall beautiful blonde with a sylph-like yet strong figure, and eyes that seem to telegraph the emotions of a caged bird.
At times smiling and sparkling, and at others showing a glimpse of internal struggle. Perhaps a yearning for something just beyond her grasp.

As the wife of German Labor Party (Arbeitsfront) Leader, Robert Ley Inga was the epitome of the female Germanic beauty.
A ballet dancer and actress by profession, at least before her marriage to Robert Ley, she was much admired by Hitler himself.
She was often seen gracing his side and inner circle at all the finest parties, dinners, parades, and excursions.

It seems there are many rumors surrounding her death, and various dates as to when and how it actually occurred.
Some people have said it was in 1943 when she supposedly threw herself from a window of her and Robert's villa in Berlin.
But most accounts I have found state that her death was in 1942 from a self inflicted gunshot wound.
Either one could be true, so I continue to search for an answer.
There are accounts of her attempting suicide on more than one occasion, and it is said at one point, Hitler received a letter from her after one attempt which left him horribly worried and depressed.
It has been said that she was a heavy drinker in the few years before her suicide.
Her marriage to Robert Ley was an unhappy one, who was a known drunkard and womanizer.
The final straw was the battle she lost with depression.
Brought on by complications during the birth of a child, the addictive pain medication prescribed to her in addition to postpartum depression, left her fragile and finally broken.

So, with this journal, I attempt to uncover a little more about her and who she was. Beyond the wife, the caged bird, and the broken doll.
I'll post photos from my own files and any new images I may discover, plus thoughts, musings and research.

***Disclaimer: This journal does not intend to glorify, nor does the author condone, the actions of the NSDAP before and during World War II. The writings within are merely research and theories regarding one member of Adolf Hitler's inner social and political circle.***
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